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ARGF, a Shortcut for Scripts - Ruby - About.com
So, before using ARGF, it's best to properly parse options from ARGV. Ads ... However, not all methods are provided by ARGF, but the ones you'd want are all  ...
Unit Testing with Minitest: Basic Assertions - Ruby - About.com
Any method inside this class that begins with test_ will be considered a test to be run, .... What if you want to modify the method to parse port numbers as well?
Code Reuse: Inheritance - Ruby - About.com
For instance, an administrator user inherits its methods from the user class, ... By " catching" method calls like this, you can then parse the method name and do ...
String handling routines - Delphi Programming - About.com
DupeString function. Returns a string repeated a specified number of times. ExtractStrings function. Fills a string list with substrings parsed from a delimited list.
Java: Parsing file to hashmap, vector of strings, validation checks
Apr 4, 2006 ... I want to parse a .config file to concurrent hashmap. It should also perform ... To check for comment lines, use the String method startsWith().
Threaded Delphi String Parser - About.com
Here's a simple threaded string parser to help you start implementing your threaded ... The main work of a thread happens in its overridden Execute method.
Parsing XML - JavaScript - About.com
We can then use methods on the responseXML field to retrieve the content of specific fields using near identical code to that which we would use to retrieve the  ...
Load Vs. Require - Ruby - About.com
It is a method in the Kernel module, but in MRI it is implemented in C (it would have to be, as Ruby has no API for loading and parsing Ruby files other than ...
XML, Minidom and Parsing the String of Data - About Python
Here we use Python's xml module to parse the XML data of the RSS feed. ... of type NodeList, thus allowing us to use NodeList methods to access its contents.
Tutorial for Handling Exceptions in C# - C/C++/C - About.com
Parse(string) method that you can use to convert a string to an int. If it can't do the conversion, it raisess one of three exceptions: Argument null; Format; Overflow.
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