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CSV Example - How to Parse CSV in Ruby - About.com
A crash course on what CSV is, what it is used for and how it is parsed. A method for parsing CSV files using only Ruby's built-in string methods is presented and ...
OptionParser--Parsing Command-line Options the Ruby Way
If you've ever parsed options by hand in Ruby or C, or with the getoptlong C function, you'll see how ... Remember there are two forms # of the parse method.
Using the 'Split' Method in Ruby - About.com
As you may already know, strings in Ruby are what are known as first class objects which use a number of methods for queries and manipulation. (If you don' t ...
The Parse Method - About Visual Basic
"The Parse method is a shared method that performs the reverse operation of the ToString method. In other words, it converts a string value to another data type.".
Strings to Numbers - JavaScript - About.com
Javascript provides a number of different ways that we can use to convert text ... The final two methods shown that use parseFloat() and parseInt() are slightly ...
Using TimeSpan and DateTime - About Visual Basic
You can assign values to a TimeSpan with the Parse method. This is a Shared function, so you use it with the TimeSpan class directly. This statement assigns an ...
Enum - A Building Block of Visual Basic - About Visual Basic
They pack so much into it so a Type object can be used to allow another method, like the Enum Parse() method, to do its magic by simply picking what it needs ...
Java Syntax: Converting Strings to Numbers & Vice Versa - About.com
Fortunately there are wrapper classes that provide methods for converting ... Note : You must make sure the String can be parsed into the appropriate data type.
Parse a Delimited String Into a String List (Delphi) - About.com
... strings by using a character as a separator. Delphi provides several methods to parse a string, but you might find that neither one does exactly what you need.
Parsing Command-Line Arguments Solution - Java - About.com
There are bound to be a few ways to achieve this exercise so here's my solution: public class CommandLineExercise { //Command line argument: -addNumbers ...
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