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Ubuntu Desktop Guide - Installing a Single Package File
The preferred method of installing programs is via the package managers described in this chapter. However, although the Ubuntu package archives are very ...
Kubuntu Desktop Guide - Manual Installation - Linux - About.com
Although the preferred method of installing programs is via the package managers described in Chapter 3, Adding, Removing and Updating Applications, you ...
rpm-devel - What is rpm-devel - Linux - About.com
These files are intended to simplify the process of creating graphical package managers or any other tools that need an intimate knowledge of RPM packages in ...
How To Install And Use ClamTK - Linux - About.com
ClamTK can be found in the package managers of most Linux distributions and provides a GUI to help search for viruses, trojans and malware.
What's In a Comprehensive Employee Benefits Package?
Employers of choice provide a comprehensive employee benefits package to attract and retain employees. In addition to a competitive salary, an employee ...
Ubuntu Desktop Guide - Command Line Package Management
APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) is a powerful package management system, on which the graphical programs described above like Add/Remove Applications ...
Introduction to Linux - 7.5.3. Automating package management and ...
The following sections give an overview of "package manager managers." There is much more to this subject, even regular updates of source packages is ...
Xubuntu Desktop Guide - Synaptic Package Manager
Synaptic is an advanced package management application that can install and remove every package available to your system. It gives you complete control ...
Employment Benefits Information - Human Resources - About.com
Some Employers Provide a Total Compensation Package for Employees. By Susan M. Heathfield ... Salary Is One Part of a Comprehensive Benefits Package.
Install WordPress or Drupal on Your Linux Desktop
(Not all package managers handle dependencies. On Slackware, for instance, pkgtool does not manage dependencies. You'll need to download things like ...
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