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The Ternary (or "Conditional") Operator - Ruby - About.com
The ternary (or "conditional") operator will evaluate an expression and return one value if it's true, and another value if it's false. It's a kind of short-hand, compact ...
Overloading Operators - Ruby - About.com
Overloading Operators. If you have two objects a and b, what does a + b equal? What does it even mean to add two arbitrary objects together? For Ruby's base ...
Using Boolean Operators in Ruby - About.com
Boolean operators are quite simple. The and operator takes two operands and evaluates to true if both of its operands are true. Similarly, the or operator takes ...
Comparison Operators - How to compare values in Perl - About.com
Perl comparison operators tutorial - Comparing values in Perl, how to compare values in your Perl scripts with comparison operators.
Nuclear Operator - Career Information - Career Planning - About.com
A nuclear operator, also called a nuclear power reactor operator, controls the flow of electricity a nuclear power plant generates. He or she adjusts and maintains ...
Definition for the Term: Relational Operator - Java - About.com
A relational operator compares two operands to determine whether one is greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, less than or equal to the other.
Definition for the Term: Operator - Java - About.com
Operators are designated characters within the Java language that perform operations on arguments to return a specific result.
JavaScript By Example - Operators
In this example we look at how to use operators in JavaScript and also at how JavaScript determines when + means add and when it means concatenate.
Definition for the Term: Arithmetic Operator - Java - About.com
Arithmetic operators perform the same basic operations you would expect if you used them in mathematics (with the exception of the percentage sign).
Comparison Operator - PHP Comparison - PHP Operator
A comparison operator compares one value to another.
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