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ObjectSpace - Ruby - About.com
ObjectSpace is a way to access all of the objects currently alive in a Ruby program. Now this sounds a bit odd, but seeing how Ruby is so dynamic and actually ...
Weak References - Ruby - About.com
Ruby provides a reflection interface called ObjectSpace. Through this object you can iterate over all objects Ruby has created, all objects of a certain type, etc.
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Test Suites - About.com
Test runners are able to crawl the ObjectSpace and find all TestCase instances. Simply requiring them inserts them into the ObjectSpace and makes them ...
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A very broad introduction to the world of 3D computer graphics and film. We define the term in a general sense, and then explain how it relates film, games, and ...
Animation: 3dsmax- axi, coordinate axis, axi - AllExperts
Jan 9, 2007 ... coordinate axis, axi, object space: Sure...there are probably a few ways to do it. You can also choose which system to use, be it world space, ...
Advanced Ruby - About.com
These pages deal with some of the more advanced concepts of Ruby and are geared toward intermediate and advanced programmers. The covered concepts  ...

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