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ObjectSpace - Ruby - About.com
The ObjectSpace module gives you access to every single object in memory, and low level access to the garbage collector.
Weak References - Ruby - About.com
Ruby provides a reflection interface called ObjectSpace. Through this object you can iterate over all objects Ruby has created, all objects of a certain type, etc.
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Test Suites - About.com
Test runners are able to crawl the ObjectSpace and find all TestCase instances. Simply requiring them inserts them into the ObjectSpace and makes them ...
Adobe Illustrator - Using the Transform Each Command
An often overlooked feature of Illustrator is Transform Each. Transform Each allows you to perform several transformations at the same time. Learn how this ...
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A very broad introduction to the world of 3D computer graphics and film. We define the term in a general sense, and then explain how it relates film, games, and ...
NameError: uninitialized constant Object::Something
Solution: You've most likely referred to a class or module that doesn't exist. Most likely, you've forgotten to require a gem or library needed for the code to work, ...
Glossary of Visual Basic Terms - About Visual Basic
Find definitions of technical terms focused for Visual Basic here.
Advanced Ruby - About.com
These pages deal with some of the more advanced concepts of Ruby and are geared toward intermediate and advanced programmers. The covered concepts  ...
Animation: 3dsmax- axi, coordinate axis, axi - AllExperts
Jan 9, 2007 ... coordinate axis, axi, object space: Sure...there are probably a few ways to do it. You can also choose which system to use, be it world space, ...
Astronomy - Introduction and History of the Study of Stars
Astronomy, derived from the Greek words for star law, is the scientific study of all objects beyond our world, and the process by which we seek to understand the ...

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