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What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics - About.com
Ruby has always had a diverse and flexible numerics system. You can simply using numbers and Ruby will figure the rest out. You can mix floating point and ...
Ruby's Class Hierarchy for Numbers - About.com
All numbers are represented by some descendant of the Numeric class. All of these classes know how to perform operations on each other, so there's no need to ...
Exact Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - Databases - About.com
The exact numeric data types are the most common SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. They include integers (int), big integers (bigint), ...
Approximate Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - Databases
The approximate numeric data types are not as commonly used as other SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. The exact numeric data types ...
Gurmukhi Numbers of Gurbani Illustrated - Numeric Significance of ...
Gurmukhi Numbers of Gurbani Illustrated - Numeric Significance of Gurmukhi Script in Sikh Scripture - Gurmukhi Numerals.
Numeric Array Sort - JavaScript - About.com
How to sort a numeric array in ascending or descending order.
Using Numeric Suffixes - C/C++/C - About.com
Learn about the the numeric suffixes used to sp[ecify the type of numbers both integer and floating point.
Comparison Operators - How to compare values in Perl - About Perl
We've already discussed the difference between the Perl numeric comparison operators and the Perl string comparison operators, which can cause some ...
Validating a String as Numeric Characters in VB.NET
This Quick Tip shows how to write the code that will guarantee that a string, such as input through a TextBox, is an strictly numeric characters, such as "12345".
Alphabetic and Numeric Validations - JavaScript - About.com
Javascript does not contain functions that test specifically for alphabetic or numeric content but we can easily provide these functions for ourselves. Just add the ...
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