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What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics - About.com
This article is part of a series. To read more, see What's new in Ruby 2.1?. Ruby has always had a diverse and flexible numerics system. You can simply using ...
Ruby's Class Hierarchy for Numbers - About.com
Related Articles. Bignum Quick Reference · Enter Bignum · What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics · Ruby's Bignum Library · Convoluted Constructions: a = 1, b = 2  ...
Sorting Arrays - Ruby - About.com
If I have two numeric objects a and b, and I evaluate a <=> b, what will the expression evaluate to. In the case of Numerics, it's easy to tell. If a is greater than b, ...
FoxPro: Programe converting numerics to words, lakh, substr
Jun 11, 2006 ... lakh, substr, crore: Ashish, I am so glad you were successful. I think you should submit your code to FoxPro Advisor tips page. I am sure others ...
FoxPro: Convert Numerics to Words, scripting language, codeguru
Jun 9, 2006 ... scripting language, codeguru, rawat: Ashish, Because you are using DOS there is no easy way to do this. I would recommend saving the table ...
Exact Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - Databases - About.com
The exact numeric data types are the most common SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. They include integers (int), big integers (bigint), ...
Free GNU Linux Software - Numerical Methods and Libraries
The merits and demerits of this approach are debatable, but there exist more options like Object Oriented Numerics GSL and GiNaC which are exciting ...
Approximate Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - Databases
The approximate numeric data types are not as commonly used as other SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. The exact numeric data types ...
German Numbers - Counting in German - Mathematics
An English-German guide to German dates, the calendar, numbers, telling time and counting - Part 1.
Counting in Spanish — The Cardinal Numbers - Spanish Language
Although Spanish numbers can be memorized in a straightforward way, their use can be confusing for persons new to Spanish. Numbers made up of more than ...
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