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What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics - About.com
Ruby has always had a diverse and flexible numerics system. You can simply using numbers and Ruby will figure the rest out. You can mix floating point and ...
Ruby's Class Hierarchy for Numbers - About.com
All numbers are represented by some descendant of the Numeric class. All of these classes know how to perform operations on each other, so there's no need to ...
Exact Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - Databases - About.com
The exact numeric data types are the most common SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. The approximate numeric data types provide less ...
Approximate Numeric Data Types in SQL Server - Databases
The approximate numeric data types are not as commonly used as other SQL Server data types used to store numeric information. The exact numeric data types ...
Comparison Operators - How to compare values in Perl - About Perl
Perl programs . We've already discussed the difference between the Perl numeric comparison operators and the Perl string comparison operators, which can ...
FoxPro: Programe converting numerics to words, lakh, substr
Expert: Carla Fair-Wright - 6/11/2006. Question Hi, My programe to convert numeric to words is working fine. This is for your perusal. Ashish ...
Validating a String as Numeric Characters in VB.NET - Visual Basic
This Quick Tip shows how to write the code that will guarantee that a string, such as input through a TextBox, is an strictly numeric characters, such as "12345".
Using Numeric Suffixes - C/C++/C - About.com
Learn about the the numeric suffixes used to sp[ecify the type of numbers both integer and floating point.
Comparing values in Perl - About Perl
That's how we test for equality in Perl with a numeric value. Perl has separate comparison operators for strings. The string equivalent to the double-equals ...
FoxPro: Convert Numerics to Words, scripting language, codeguru
Jun 9, 2006 ... scripting language, codeguru, rawat: Ashish, Because you are using DOS there is no easy way to do this. I would recommend saving the table ...
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