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NoSQL and Document Oriented Databases - Ruby - About.com
NoSQL is not a specific piece of software, but rather a philosophy. NoSQL is just the concept of using databases other than SQL databases to store your data, ...
Using JSON: Structure of a JSON Document - Ruby - About.com
JSON is a data serialization format for communicating between applications. It's a text format that features a lightweight syntax and closely mirrors the common ...
NoSQL Introduction - Building Databases for Big Data
The NoSQL database model tosses the relational model on its head by abandoning many deeply held beliefs about the "proper" structure for a database.
NoSQL - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
NoSQL is a type of datastore; it's a way of storing and retrieving data quickly, much like a relational database except it isn't based on the mathematical ...
NoSQL Databases Overview - New Tech - About.com
The acronym NoSQL was coined in 1998. Many people think NoSQL is a derogatory term created to poke at SQL. In reality, the term means Not Only SQL.
Learning to Program with NoSQL Databases - C/C++/C - About.com
The first of several tutorials showing how to write software that uses NoSQL databases.
NoSQL Databases - About Databases
The NoSQL movement is changing the way we think about databases. Instead of requiring that database developers follow the rigid principles of the ACID ...
NoSQL Databases Defined - About Databases
NoSQL databases abandon the relational model in favor of the key/value store approach where the database uses a simple hash function to assign each ...
Top Five Things Beginners Need to Know About Databases
Understanding Structured Query Language (SQL) in Databases · NoSQL and Document Oriented Databases · Introduction to NoSQL · Top 10 Things ...
C# Tutorial Two on writing Code with NoSQL databases - C/C++/C
NoSQL -. Continuing on from the first Tutorial, This uses C# to store data in Couchbase, modify it and then subsequently retrieve it. Compared to relational ...
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