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Modules - Ruby - About.com
... would be used. It's not uncommon to see C programs with names like mylibrary_some_function. However, Ruby has a more powerful solution: modules .
Modules: Containment and Composition - Ruby - About.com
What is a module? You can think of modules as containers for methods and constants. This has two practical uses: implementing namespaces and sharing ...
Locate Memory Modules (Step 3) - PC Support - About.com
Locate Memory Modules. Locate Memory Modules - Reseat Desktop Memory - Tim Fisher. Installed Memory Modules. Look around inside your computer for ...
Must-Have Drupal Modules for Building a Site - Content Management
So, you've set up a new Drupal site, and you've installed the must-have Drupal modules for a new site. Now you want to start building your site. Here are the ...
What is a CMS "Module"? - Content Management - About.com
Then, if you want, you add features by installing these extra modules. Ideally, every CMS would use the word module to mean roughly the same thing.
Accounting Software Core Modules - About.com
This is a list of core modules in most accounting software programs and the common features found in each of these modules.
How to Reseat a Desktop Memory Module - PC Support - About.com
Memory modules plug directly into the motherboard so they are always located inside the computer case. Before you can reseat memory, you must power down  ...
Installing Perl modules from CPAN - About Perl
There are several ways to get Perl modules from CPAN installed on your unix- based system. Keep in mind that there is always more than one way to do it with ...
Plugins, Modules, and Themes, Oh, My! (CMS Term Table)
Drupal and Joomla both have "modules", and WordPress and Joomla both have " plugins". But the same words can have a different meaning. It all depends on ...
Accounting Software: General Ledger Module
The general ledger is the central repository of accounting information, receiving entries from other modules, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and  ...
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