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What Is the Ruby on Rails Web Framework? - About.com
Learn about the concepts of Ruby on Rails, a Model-View-Controller framework for creating database-driven websites in Ruby.
What is Ruby on Rails? - About.com
It's an MVC (Model View Control) framework with some rather staunch philosophies on how things should be done (almost always to the benefit of the ...
What is a Controller? - Ruby - About.com
Ruby on Rails is an MVC framework. Your web applications are written by composing models, views and controllers. For many Rails newbies, models and views ...
MVC (Model-View-Controller) - Java Term Definition - About.com
MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It's a way of designing an application that separates data access, business logic and the graphical user interface.
MVC in VB.NET Explained - Visual Basic - About.com
MVC - Model View Controller - is a whole new way to write programs. It's as much a revolution in thinking as .NET was ten years ago. And, starting with Visual ...
MVC in VB.NET Explained - Visual Basic - About.com
Oct 2, 2010 ... MVC - Model View Controller - is a whole new way to write programs. It's as much a revolution in thinking as .NET was ten years ago. And ...
MVC - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
This is the glossary entry for MVC which is short for model view controller and is a a pattern for isolating business logic from user interface.
Rails Application Flow - Ruby - About.com
In the case of Ruby on Rails, the flow control is all handled behind the scenes, and all you're left with is (more or less) a collection of models, view and ...
iOS Development in C# Tutorial Two - C/C++/C - About.com
In this tutorial, I'll explain View Controllers and Views and we'll create the first App . ... To launch a new Screen, you instantiate the View Controller. .... Your First Controller · iOS Development in C# with Xamarin Studio and Visual Stud...
HTDB : Welcome!
Some people call this an "Model-View-Controller" architecture. By separating the HTML from the programs, the worlds of content developers and site ...
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