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Mixin Modules - Ruby - About.com
A mixin is a way for code to be shared across multiple classes and is closely related to duck typing. Duck typing is a technique that allows you to use objects that ...
Modules: Containment and Composition - Ruby - About.com
You can think of modules as containers for methods and constants. This has two practical uses: ... Mixin modules are something like inheritance. I say they're like ...
Object Specific Behavior - Ruby - About.com
All Ruby method call lookups follow the ancestor chain. However, there are object-specific mixin modules and invisible classes called Singleton Classes that  ...
Dynamic Method Calls - Ruby - About.com
Mixin Module Methods - Related to inherited methods, methods from mixin modules are searched. While it doesn't seem related at first (composition vs.
What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Under the Hood - About.com
While not particularly slow since a good portion of the methods being called are defined on higher level classes or mixin modules and (generally) the higher the ...
Everything about Object Oriented Programming - Ruby - About.com
It gets a bit confusing, because with modules and mixin modules, Ruby has a ... the right method, or how mix-in modules work, all of that will be covered later.
Code Reuse: Inheritance - Ruby - About.com
There is a related feature called a "mixin," but it's primarily used for composition and is not discussed here. .... Ruby provides support for this with mixin modules.
Enumerable: Picking Out Just What You Want - Ruby - About.com
The Enumerable mixin provides a collection interface to all manner of collections in Ruby. ... Understanding Mixins is Important · Mixin Modules · Array ...
The Sprite Class - Ruby - About.com
The include method is used to extend the class with the Sprites::Sprite mixin. ... Sprite Move · CSS Sprites · Understanding Mixins is Important · Mixin Modules ...
Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen - About.com
The second section covers composing classes in Ruby, including instance variables, modules and mixin modules. The second section also includes the use of ...
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