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Mixin Modules - Ruby - About.com
Mixins provide a much more Ruby-like solution to this problem. Mixins are a group of methods not yet attached to any class. They exist in a module, and are not ...
Modules: Containment and Composition - Ruby - About.com
Back to our Person mixin module. What you can do with this module is include it in a class. All methods inside the module now become instance methods of the ...
Using the Enumerable Module - Ruby - About.com
By using the Enumerable module, you can make any of your classes act like Ruby standard collections. All you need to do is implement the 'each' method.
Refinements: Monkeypatching Made Safe - Ruby - About.com
Refinements are a way to implement monkeypatches in a sort of module that can ... Or, you can extend specific objects with this mixin module, limiting the scope.
Object Specific Behavior - Ruby - About.com
All Ruby method call lookups follow the ancestor chain. However, there are object-specific mixin modules and invisible classes called Singleton Classes that  ...
NameError: uninitialized constant Object::Something
Solution: You've most likely referred to a class or module that doesn't exist. ... Behavior · Modules, Structures, and Classes · Constants in Ruby · Mixin Modules.
A Quick Peek at Ruby: 'Include' vs. 'Require' - About.com
Oct 23, 2008 ... For example, if your class defines the method "each", you can include the mixin module Enumerable and it can act as a collection. This can be ...
Dynamic Method Calls - Ruby - About.com
Mixin Module Methods - Related to inherited methods, methods from mixin modules are searched. While it doesn't seem related at first (composition vs.
What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Under the Hood - About.com
While not particularly slow since a good portion of the methods being called are defined on higher level classes or mixin modules and (generally) the higher the ...
Everything about Object Oriented Programming - Ruby - About.com
A module is something many programmers have a difficult time grasping at first. ... It gets a bit confusing, because with modules and mixin modules, Ruby has a ...
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