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Unit Testing with Minitest: Basic Assertions - Ruby - About.com
Minitest is the replacement for Test::Unit as of Ruby 1.9.x. While you may continue to use Test::Unit for test-driven development in Ruby (and in fact, continue to ...
Unit Testing with MiniTest - Ruby - About.com
While the earlier versions had the perfectly fine unit testing framework Test::Unit built right in, Ruby 1.9.x and up come with MiniTest as part of the standard ...
Unit Testing with Minitest: More Assertions - Ruby - About.com
While you can get by with just the two basic assertions (or really just assert), Minitest offers a range of semantic assertions that will make your unit tests read ...
Simple Code Metrics - Ruby - About.com
And its test suite (using the awesome Minitest). #!/usr/bin/env ruby require ' simplecov' SimpleCov.start require 'test/unit' require './dice' class TestDieClass ...
Unit Testing with Minitest: Specs - Ruby - About.com
The interface thus far is more or less a clone of the old Test::Unit classes. MiniTest also includes a set of spec methods, allowing you to write RSpec-style pseudo ...
2004 MINI - Test drive and new car review - 2004 MINI
The MINI was essentially unchanged for 2004. Two trim levels are sold here in North America – the Cooper and the Cooper S. Both are also available in ...
Test Batches - Hybrid Cars - About.com
Mini test batches is a simple method used to determine the appropriate amount of lye (base) needed for a particular batch of waste vegetable oil when making ...
Test-Driven Development - Ruby - About.com
Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an important part of the Ruby ecosystem and doing things "the Ruby way." Going hand in hand with Agile development ...
Test Driven Development in Ruby -- Writing Code - About.com
... in Ruby--The Tests · Test Driven Development in Ruby--Adding More Features · Unit Testing with MiniTest · Unit Testing with Minitest: Basic Assertions ...
Using rails.vim - Ruby - About.com
Editing a Rails application is a challenge for any text editor, since Rails applications are spread across multiple files of different types and have different rules for ...
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