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List of Rack Middleware - Ruby - About.com
The following is a list of Rack middleware applications that come with the Rack gem. A brief description of each middleware is given.
Using Rack Middleware - Ruby - About.com
One of Rack's greatest features is the ability to easily plug in middleware applications. When a request makes its way through Rack to your application, it'll first ...
Write Your Own Middleware - Ruby - About.com
Now that we know how to use middleware applications, let's write one to get rid of that ugly Content-Type header from our HelloWorld application. What this ...
Default Rack Middleware - Ruby - About.com
One of Rack's greatest features is the ability to easily plug in middleware applications.
A Simple Middleware App - Ruby - About.com
Using middleware applications in a Rackup file is very simple. Simply call the use method with the class name of a middleware application to run. For example ...
What is Rack? - Ruby - About.com
Rack is a kind of middleware. It sits between your web application and the web server. It handles all of the server-specific API calls, passes on the HTTP request  ...
Using Rack - Ruby - About.com
Rackup is running a middleware app called Rack::Lint that sanity-checks responses. All HTTP responses should have a Content-Type header, so that was  ...
Why Should You Care About Google Android? - Smartphones
A software stack is made up of the operating system (the platform on which everything runs), the middleware (the programming that allows applications to talk to ...
A quiet and efficient nurse call system, getting away from overhead ...
A middleware that takes the messages from the nurse call system and pushes it through to the Voice Over IP phone system. The Voice Over IP phone system ...
Sun ONE Certifications - Tech Certification - About.com
Definition: The Sun One Middleware program cosists of two certifications. The first, Sun Certified Developer for Sun[tm] ONE Application Server 6.0, is designed  ...
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