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The Mechanize Agent - Ruby - About.com
When you use a web browser, your browser is said to be the "user agent." In other words, it is a program that acts on your behalf. The Mechanize object is your ...
The Mechanize 2.0 Handbook - Ruby - About.com
Mechanize is a library for automated interaction with web sites. For all intents and purposes, it acts like a web browser with no user interface. It downloads web ...
Forms in Mechanize - Ruby - About.com
Manipulating and submitting forms is about as easy as you could imagine in Mechanize. As expected, the form objects (such as check boxes, buttons and text  ...
Mechanize Error: Mechanize::UnsupportedSchemeError
The error Mechanize::UnsupportedSchemeError is raised when Mechanize tries to fetch a page using an unsupported protocol scheme, such as ftp or gopher.
The Mechanize::Page Class - Ruby - About.com
The Page class is class you'll be using most often. After any type of request is made, such as a GET or POST request from the Mechanize agent or "clicking" on a ...
Mechanize Error: "Unknown cookie jar file format" - Ruby - About.com
The error "Unknown cookie jar file format" can be raised in one of two places, in Mechanize::CookieJar#save_as and Mechanize::CookieJar#load.
Mechanize Error: "Mechanize::RobotsDisallowedError: Robots ...
The "Mechanize::RobotsDisallowedError: Robots access is disallowed for URL" error is raised by Mechanize when robots.txt is honored and you have tried to ...
The Link - Ruby - About.com
The Mechanize::Page::Link class is what you use to navigate from one page to another. The Link class itself is quite small, there just isn't much to a link. Primarily  ...
Army Job (MOS) Descriptions and Qualifications - 11M--Mechanized ...
Major duties. Note: There is no longer an 11M MOS. MOS 11H (Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman) and MOS 11M (Mechanized Infantryman) have been ...
Marine Corps Mechanized Companies - US Military - About.com
Marines, who are designated as the 22nd MEU's mechanized company, to practice one of missions they may be required to undertake when the MEU deploys ...
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