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The Mechanize Agent - Ruby - About.com
When you use a web browser, your browser is said to be the "user agent." In other words, it is a program that acts on your behalf. The Mechanize object is your ...
The Mechanize 2.0 Handbook - Ruby - About.com
Mechanize is a library for automated interaction with web sites. For all intents and purposes, it acts like a web browser with no user interface. It downloads web ...
Forms in Mechanize - Ruby - About.com
Manipulating and submitting forms is about as easy as you could imagine in Mechanize. As expected, the form objects (such as check boxes, buttons and text  ...
Mechanize Error: Mechanize::UnsupportedSchemeError
The error Mechanize::UnsupportedSchemeError is raised when Mechanize tries to fetch a page using an unsupported protocol scheme, such as ftp or gopher.
Mechanize Error: "Unknown cookie jar file format" - Ruby - About.com
The error "Unknown cookie jar file format" can be raised in one of two places, in Mechanize::CookieJar#save_as and Mechanize::CookieJar#load.
Mechanize Error: "Mechanize::RobotsDisallowedError: Robots ...
The "Mechanize::RobotsDisallowedError: Robots access is disallowed for URL" error is raised by Mechanize when robots.txt is honored and you have tried to ...
Finding Frames and IFrames - Ruby - About.com
While Mechanize doesn't automatically load frames and iframes, you can still search for the elements and "click" on them to visit that URL. While it doesn't make ...
The Link - Ruby - About.com
The Mechanize::Page::Link class is what you use to navigate from one page to another. The Link class itself is quite small, there just isn't much to a link. Primarily  ...
Marine Corps Mechanized Companies - US Military - About.com
Marines, who are designated as the 22nd MEU's mechanized company, to practice one of missions they may be required to undertake when the MEU deploys ...
Army Job (MOS) Descriptions and Qualifications - 11M--Mechanized ...
Major duties. Note: There is no longer an 11M MOS. MOS 11H (Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman) and MOS 11M (Mechanized Infantryman) have been ...
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