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Why JRuby? - About.com
When you learned Ruby you probably learned on the official Ruby interpreter known as Matz's Ruby Interpreter (or MRI). It's reasonably fast, especially ...
YARV - Yet Another Ruby VM - About.com
The YARV (Yet Another Ruby VM) interpreter was integrated into the Ruby project, replacing the interpreter created by Matz (aka MRI, Matz's Ruby Interpreter).
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Ruby's architect Yukihiro Matsumoto (known simply as "Matz" on the web) designed the language to be simple enough for beginning programmers to use while ...
Irish Hotel Reviews: The G Hotel, Ireland, Matz Restaurant
If your vision of an Irish hotel is either a castle or the other extreme, a converted cottage, then at the G Hotel in Co Galway your about to be amazed.
Barbaro Photo Album - About Horse Racing
Barbaro with trainer Michael Matz Wednesday before the Derby. ... Barbaro comes out for his morning work out with trainer Michael Matz on the pony horse.
Venomous Snakes of Utah - Salt Lake City - About.com
Kerry Matz. The Speckled Rattlesnake is found in the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. In Utah, the species is found only in the Mojave Desert, ...
High On Fire Bassist Jeff Matz - Heavy Metal - About.com
These photos were taken by Dan Marsicano at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on November 1st, 2009. This photo is of bassist Jeff Matz. Gallery ...
Olympic Handball Medalists - List of Women's Olympic Handball
Lyudmila Shubina, URS. Galina Zakharova, URS. SILVER. TEAM -. Hannelore Zober, GDR. Gabriele Badorek, GDR. Evelyn Matz, GDR. Roswitha Krause, GDR.
Italian Slang Dictionary - Slang in Italian - Italian Slang Expressions
Common slang words and colloquial expressions in Italian with definitions in English. Entries also identify the Italian word or phase by type.
Book Review: Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy
... gives great detail on each of his starts, including how he was trained up to the race by Michael Matz; The role of Matz' assistant Peter Brette was not forgotten, ...
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