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What are Markup Languages? - Web Design - Web Design/HTML
Markup languages are the language of the web. They include languages like HTML, XML, and XHTML. And all these markup languages have some things in ...
Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and Markup Languages
DTDs or Document Type Definitions are the basis of markup languages, including XML and HTML.
How are SGML, HTML and XML Related? - Web Design/HTML
An explanation of the relationship between markup languages SGML, HTML and XML.
Learn HTML / CSS / XML for Web Design - Web Design/HTML
Once you start building Web pages, you will want to learn the languages that build them. HTML is .... By learning XML you learn how markup languages work.
What Is HTML - History of Web Page Markup - Web Design/HTML
HTML refers to a markup language that has several versions. And web ... The differences between HTML and other programming languages include: HTML is  ...
What is XML Content - XML Marks Up Content and Data
XML is a computer language for defining markup languages to create structured documents. You can use XML to create tags for defining your own documents or  ...
What is XML? - Web Design/HTML - About.com
A technical definition of XML or Extensible Markup Language is "a document ... Markup languages are codes to tell the computer hidden information about text ...
semantic markup - definition - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Definition of semantic markup. ... Tags That Define Semantic Meaning · How to Avoid Overusing DIV Tags in Your CSS Layouts · What are Markup Languages?
The Role of XML in Website Design
How to understand the role of XML in website design? Technically XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. Markup languages, such as HTML or XML, are  ...
FAQ: What is XML - Basics of XML - the Extensible Markup Language
XML is not a true markup language, but rather a system for defining other languages. In other words, XML is a language for writing markup languages.
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