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Using Logger Library: How to Write Log Files in Ruby - About.com
As your programs get larger and more complex, you may want to add a way to write log messages. Ruby comes with a number of useful classes and libraries ...
Logging what Mechanize Does - Ruby - About.com
Mechanize can log everything to a file, including every header passed. ... General messages are logged on the INFO level, while all the (possibly irrelevant ) ...
Log files - What is Log files - Linux - About.com
The usual directory for log files is /var/log. The main log files are /var/log/ messages and possibly /var/log/ syslog. It contains kernel messages and messages ...
syslog.conf - Linux Command - Unix Command
Anyway, you may want to specify and redirect these messages here. The facility specifies the subsystem that produced the message, i.e. all mail programs log ...
Sign in to Messages for Mac - Instant Messaging - About.com
To set up your Messages for Mac instant messaging client and start using the software, you must sign in with your Apple ID and password. In the fields provided, ...
logrotate - Linux Command - Unix Command
Sometimes this is useful after adding new entries to logrotate, or if old log files have ... sample logrotate configuration file compress /var/log/messages { rotate 5  ...
logwatch - Linux Command - Unix Command
--logfile log-file-group: This will force LogWatch to process only the set of logfiles defined by log-file-group (i.e. messages, xferlog, ...). LogWatch will therefore ...
syslogd - Linux Command - Unix Command
Specifying this switch on the command line will cause the log daemon to forward any remote messages it receives to forwarding hosts which have been defined.
Linux Network Administrators Guide - Debugging Your PPP Setup
If your PPP setup doesn't work right away, you should look in this log file. If the log messages don't help, you can also turn on extra debugging output using the ...
klogd - Linux Command - Unix Command
klogd is a system daemon which intercepts and logs Linux kernel messages. ... This causes klogd to read and log all the messages that are found in the kernel ...
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