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Using the Logger Library--How to Write Log Messages ... - About.com
As your programs get larger and more complex, you may want to add a way to write log messages. Ruby comes with a number of useful classes and libraries ...
Sign in to Messages for Mac - Instant Messaging - About.com
Learn how to sign in to Messages for Mac with your Apple ID and password in this illustrated tutorial.
syslog.conf - Linux Command - Unix Command
The syslog.conf file is the main configuration file for the syslogd(8) which logs system messages on *nix systems. This file specifies rules for logging. For special ...
Log files - What is Log files - Linux - About.com
Log files: UNIX has a strict policy of not reporting error messages to the user interface whenever there might be no user around to read those messages.
logrotate - Linux Command - Unix Command
It allows automatic rotation, compression, removal, and mailing of log files. ... sample logrotate configuration file compress /var/log/messages { rotate 5 weekly  ...
syslogd - Linux Command - Unix Command
Syslogd provides a kind of logging that many modern programs use. Every logged message contains at least a time and a hostname field, normally a program ...
klogd - Linux Command - Unix Command
-f file: Log messages to the specified filename rather than to the syslog facility. -i -I : Signal the currently executing klogd daemon. Both of these switches control ...
How to Add AIM Accounts to Messages for Mac - Instant Messaging ...
Did you know you can add AIM to Messages for Mac on OS X Lion and OS X ... Sign up. You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact  ...
initlog - Linux Command - Unix Command
initlog logs messages and events to the system logger. It is mainly designed for use in init scripts. initlog reads a configuration file /etc/initlog.conf by default, ...
logger - Linux Command - Unix Command
NAME. logger - a shell command interface to the syslog(3) system log module ... - s: Log the message to standard error, as well as the system log. -f file: Log the ...
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