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Linux Operating System, Distributions and Resources
This site is your Internet destination for information and resources for the Linux operating system and various Linux distributions.
What is Linux - About.com
What is Linux - definition and resources, from the Linux/Unix Glossary at About. com.
Linux - The Unix Revolution
Even the origins of Linux, which was once a new kid on the Unix block, start to fade into the distant past. The first signs of Linux can be traced back as far as the  ...
Get Started on Linux - About.com
New to Linux? We'll help you choose your first Linux computer, download and install this alternative operating system, and get going with some basic ...
Linux 101 - About.com
A group of self-study introductory tutorials for using a modern personal computer (PC) running the Linux operating system. After going through the guide the ...
Linux Commands - Command Library - Man Pages - About.com
Linux Commands Man Pages: Command Name, Synopsis, Description, Options, and more.
Linux Commands and Shell Commands - About.com
There are two kinds of commands used in Linux: Built-in Shell Commands and Linux Commands.
Linux Distributions – Index - About.com
List of 100 Linux distributions; List of the most popular Linux distributions; List of CD-based Linux distributions. Links here will lead you to information and ...
Embedded Linux - About.com
Articles about Linux embedded in devices other than regular computers. Information about use of Linux in mobile phones, cars, and homes.
Computing Linux Unix Glossary - About.com
Computing / Linux / Unix Glossary: 20000 terms well explained.
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