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Arranging Widgets in WxRuby--Using WxRuby Layout Managers
Arranging widgets in your WxRuby applications can be accomplished more easily by using the layout managers, known as sizers.
Building a Simple GUI Application with JRuby - About.com
In learning how to use Swing, one of the most important things to learn is layout managers. Lacking a WYSIWYG GUI layout tool, you'll be working with the ...
Using and Installing WxRuby--About the WxRuby GUI Toolkit
Arranging widgets in your WxRuby applications can be accomplished more easily by using the layout managers, known as sizers. Share. About.com · About  ...
An Overview of Layout Managers - Java - About.com
There are a number of layout managers designed to make it easy to control where the components of a graphical user interface are positioned.
Layout Managers - Java - About.com
Determining where components are placed within a container is the job of a layout manager. You're find out about the layout managers in the Java API here.
GridLayout Example Program - Java - About.com
When run the program will show a window that uses several layout managers. The JFrame uses the BorderLayout to position a JTextField in the NORTH section , ...
FlowLayout Example Program - Java - About.com
Here is example code for showing how the alignment and spacing can be changed for the FlowLayout layout manager. When run this program will show a  ...
Using the BorderLayout in Java - About.com
The BorderLayout is the default layout manager for the JFrame. It splits the container into five distinct sections where each section can hold only one component.
Working with the GridLayout in Java - About.com
A look at how to use the GridLayout layout manager.
CardLayout Example Program in Java - About.com
The following is example Java code to show the CardLayout layout manager in action. The JFrame uses a BorderLayout to position two JPanels , one above the  ...
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