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Arranging Widgets in WxRuby--Using WxRuby Layout Managers
WxRuby provides two ways to arrange widgets in your applications: by using absolute positioning or by using layout managers called sizers. When using ...
Building a Simple GUI Application with JRuby - About.com
In learning how to use Swing, one of the most important things to learn is layout managers. Lacking a WYSIWYG GUI layout tool, you'll be working with the ...
An Overview of Layout Managers - Java - About.com
There are a number of layout managers designed to make it easy to control where the components of a graphical user interface are positioned.
Layout Managers - Java - About.com
Determining where components are placed within a container is the job of a layout manager. You're find out about the layout managers in the Java API here.
Using the BorderLayout in Java - About.com
The BorderLayout is the default layout manager for the JFrame. It splits the container into five distinct sections where each section can hold only one component.
FlowLayout Example Program - Java - About.com
Here is example code for showing how the alignment and spacing can be changed for the FlowLayout layout manager. When run this program will show a  ...
GridLayout Example Program - Java - About.com
When run the program will show a window that uses several layout managers. The JFrame uses the BorderLayout to position a JTextField in the NORTH section , ...
Working with the GridLayout in Java - About.com
A look at how to use the GridLayout layout manager.
BorderLayout Example Program - Java - About.com
Here is example Java code to show how the section contained with the BorderLayout layout manager. The program will show a window with options for the size ...
BoxLayout Example Program - Java
The following is example Java code to show the BoxLayout layout manager in action. The JFrame uses a BorderLayout to position two JPanels , one above the  ...
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