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5 Must Know Features of the Ruby Language - About.com
If you're going to program in the Ruby language, there are some basic features you absolutely must know. Here are the Top 5.
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Ruby is an object oriented language and the object oriented features are used throughout. Without this critical skill, you'll be struggling as a Ruby programmer.
Top 5 New Features in Ruby 1.9 - About.com
The 5 most interesting or useful features in the new Ruby 1.9.1 release. ... 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language · Beginning Ruby ...
New language features in Delphi for .Net - About.com
What you need to know about the new Delphi language features in Delphi 8 for . Net. Find out about unit namespaces and the new class visibility and access ...
language change - definition and examples of language change
Language change is the phenomenon by which permanent alterations are made in the features and the use of a language over time.
A look at Google's Programming Language Go (1 of 3) - C/C++/C
I'm skimming over some of the language features of Go to give you a flavor. These are by no means complete, I'll be covering them in future tutorials in far ...
Register - Definition and Examples in Linguistics
One of many styles or varieties of language determined by such factors as social ... Such features come from many linguistic classes, including: phonological ...
Nigerian English - Culture and Language of Nigeria
The varieties of the English language that are used in the Federal Republic of ... do something' as one of the key features of our dialect of the English language.
A Linguistic Look at Spanish - Classifications of the Spanish Language
Ask a linguist what kind of a language Spanish is, and the answer you get may depend on that linguist's specialty. To some, Spanish is primarily a Romance ...
Learn to Speak Japanese - Japanese Language - About.com
It is important when learning a language to start with the basics, but also with something fun and engaging so that you are motivated to keep with it. If you are ...
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