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JRuby - About.com
JRuby is a Ruby implementation that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It features fast execution speed and integration with the Java environment. Here you'll ...
Why JRuby? - About.com
As a Rubyist you probably know and love the official Ruby implementation. It's very stable and capable, so why should you use JRuby?
Getting Started with JRuby - About.com
JRuby can run on all the major platforms, but this tutorial will focus on Windows (it really on differs when it comes to installation and setup). On Linux and OS X, ...
Simulating Keystrokes with JRuby - About.com
For this project, jRuby will be used. As this is intended to be run on Windows, jRuby is often the best choice for running on Windows. In addition, it allows you to  ...
Installing jRuby With RVM on OS X - About.com
... is with RVM, the Ruby Version Manager. And although jRuby is different than MRI, the official Ruby interpreter, it can be installed just as easily, arguably easier .
Building a Simple GUI Application with JRuby - About.com
One of the "Hello world" GUI applications I like to write is an ROT13 encoder. ROT13 is a (very) primitive encryption where each letter of the alphabet is rotated  ...
Sinatra Web Applications in JRuby - About.com
Now that we have a solid foundation in dealing with the Win32 API, we can start building the frontend using Sinatra and Haml.
Automating with Robot - Ruby - About.com
If you're familiar with JRuby, feel free to skip this section. If you're familiar with JRuby, but are not sure why we're using it, see Why JRuby? JRuby is not only a ...
Comments for Ruby Code - Usage, Single and Multi-Line - About.com
... Glossary · Reviews · JRuby · Question and Answer · Learning Ruby From the ... in Ruby · Installing and Using JRuby · Understanding 'String Literals' in Ruby ...
Listing Known Rubies - Ruby - About.com
Among this list are the normal Ruby MRI versions, usually at the top. Further down the list are are other implementations like jRuby, Ruby Enterprise Edition, etc.
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