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AJAX With Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
In this article we take a look at how to use jQuery and Sinatra to implement an AJAX interface.
What is jQuery (and Why Is It in My CMS?) - Content Management
jQuery is a "fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library" that makes it much easier to do basic tasks in JavaScript. For instance, want to hide all HTML ...
Using the jQuery JavaScript API in Drupal - Content Management
Want to use the powerful jQuery JavaScript library in your Drupal module or theme? Excellent! You just need to know a few tips and potential gotchas before you ...
Dreamweaver CS6 Supports the jQuery Mobile Framework
Dreamweaver CS5.5 added some support for the jQuery Mobile framework, but this has been extended in Dreamweaver CS6. You can see the entire list of ...
5 Ways to Add Parallax to Your Site with jQuery - Open Source
Below are five parallax jQuery plugins (all open source) worth checking out -- just be sure to click on the demo link for each one to see exactly what it does.
Review of jQuery Cookbook - JavaScript - About.com
Review of the book "jQuery Cookbook" by O'Reilly.
What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)? - Web Design/HTML
So, even if the customer does not visit another site using jQuery, chances are that someone on the same network node as they are on has visited a site using ...
Building Web Applications with Ajax - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Web applications can be a challenging endeavor where you try to get your customers to wait for data to load or pages to render. But with Ajax - Asynchronous ...
JQuery Mobile in Fireworks CS6 - Graphics Software - About.com
Learn about the new features in Fireworks CS6 and how jQuery Mobile framework and other improvements can make it easier to create and update designs for ...
Addslashes and Stripslashes - JavaScript - About.com
If you are used to programming your server side code using PHP then you have probably used the addslashes() and stripslashes() functions to handle the ...
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