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Quick Tip: Last Result in IRB - Ruby
There's a really quick way to get the result of the last expression evaluated in IRB.
The Interactive Ruby Prompt - About.com
To start the IRB prompt, open your command-line and run the irb command. You' ll be presented with the following prompt: irb(main):001:0>. Type the "hello ...
Using Variables in Ruby--Assign Information to a Variable - About.com
Here you'll be using the interactive Ruby prompt, so be sure to have an IRB window ready for experimentation. The code examples will be "logs" (or what was ...
IRB - What Is an IRB - Homework/Study Tips - About.com
If you ever conduct research and you are affiliated in any way with a public institution, you will need to send a proposal to a review board called an IRB.
IRB Sevens World Series - About.com Rugby
The march to legitimize rugby sevens began in 1999, when the International Rugby Board (IRB) decided to take what had been an exciting but essentially social ...
irb - What is irb - Linux - About.com
Define irb - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.
Spotlight on Gems: interactive_editor - Ruby - About.com
Well, interactive_editor is one of those gems. In short, it allows you to launch an editor from IRB to edit your code, without having to rely on IRB's sketchy editing.
Spotlight on Gems: Sketches - Ruby - About.com
Sketches is a really cool gem that helps you test out code in IRB. Without a tool like Sketches to test out some code in IRB you can either type it directly into IRB,  ...
Constants in Ruby - About.com
irb(main):001:0> PI = 3.1415 => 3.1415 irb(main):002:0> PI = 3 (irb):2: warning: already initialized constant PI => 3 irb(main):003:0> puts PI 3 => nil. Also, as ...
Spotlight on RubyGems: Wirble - About.com
The Wirble Gem provides a number of practical features for the IRB, including colorization, which makes reading output much easier.
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