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Graphical User Interfaces: Installing Tk - Ruby - About.com
Directions of how to install the Tk GUI and its Ruby bindings on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Installing Ruby--Getting Ruby Up and Running - About.com
Installing Ruby-Related Extras. Graphical User Interfaces: Installing Tk: The Tk GUI toolkit was originally written for the TCL scripting language, but has since ...
Practical Ruby - About.com
You'll need to install RubyGame as well. Web design? Consider installing WxRuby, Shoes or Tk to create graphical user interfaces. Basic programming?
Simple Programming under Linux - About.com
Before Installation ... Tk is a GUI extension of the easy yet powerful tcl programming language. ... and type in a simple example of tk code to see if it works: #!
Tcl/Tk - What is Tcl/Tk - Linux - About.com
Define Tcl/Tk - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com. ... Tk implements the Motif look and feel. ... How to Install and Use Ruby's Tk Toolkit ...
Installing a Ruby Development Environment on Windows - About.com
Installing a Ruby Development Environment on Windows ... How to Install and Use Ruby's Tk Toolkit · Install Alongside Ruby 1.8.x--Upgrading to Ruby 1.9.1 ...
Install 1.9.x Alongside Ruby 1.8.x - About.com
Install Ruby 1.9.1 on your Linux machine alongside your current Ruby 1.8.x ... Installing Ruby · How to Install Ruby · How to Install and Use Ruby's Tk Toolkit.
pkgMkIndex - Linux Command - Unix Command
As long as the package is installed as a subdirectory of a directory in ... For example, suppose the BLT package requires Tk, and expresses this with a call to  ...
tcl_findLibrary - Linux Command - Unix Command
For example, the location of the Tk library is kept in the variable $tk_library. .... file in the standard installation bin or bin/arch directory; relative to the executable ...
What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby - About.com
When using some toolkits, such as Tk, your applications seem somewhat out of ... have the libraries needed installed as well as their headers and link libraries.
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