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Dealing With Ruby Vulnerabilities: Pay Attention to Idempotence
Enabling forgery protection is only one way to counteract security vulnerabilities in your Ruby code. You also need to pay attention to idempotence, or the ability ...
A Look at Security Risks in Ruby Code - About.com
The misuse of GET requests to access non-idempotent actions makes launching CSRF attacks easier. GET requests are very difficult to guard against CSRF ...
3 Countermeasures to Protect Ruby From CSRF Attacks - About.com
You also need to pay attention to idempotence, or the ability to keep a value unchanged. In Ruby on Rails, idempotence is particularly important for the GET ...
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Read book reviews on all aspects of software development for C, C++ and C#.
Securing Ruby Code - About.com
With increasing numbers of large-scale projects being written in Ruby, programmers need to know how to secure their code. There are several entire classes of ...
CSRF - Cross-site Request Forgery - Ruby - About.com
Another thing exploited in a typical CSRF attack is the improper use of GET requests and idempotence. As per the HTTP RFC (the official specification for HTTP), ...
RESTful Authentication - Ruby - About.com
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The Telegraph Garden at Chelsea 2013 - Simple and Restful
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Dealing With Ruby Vulnerabilities: Enable Forgery Protection
However, the example application does not pay attention to idempotence and the database can be altered via GET requests as well. The protect_from_forgery ...
GET versus POST Requests on HTML Forms - Web Design/HTML
These are considered “safe” or idempotent requests. For example: When a customer clicks on a link in an Ajax photo gallery application that advances the app to ...
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