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Hello WxRuby World--Creating a "Hello World" Program With WxRuby
To get started in WxRuby, first look at this "Hello world" program. It's a simple program that displays an empty window. It shows a little about how WxRuby works, ...
Hello World - Ruby - About.com
The classic "Hello world" program written in Shoes. ... usr/bin/env ruby) as this is intended to be run from Shoes itself, as is common with Shoes programs.
How to Install Ruby on Linux Operating System - About.com
You should see the message Hello world! displayed if Ruby is installed correctly. ... on how the RPM package was built it may already include these programs.
Testing your Perl installation - About Perl
Perl Hello World - First Perl program, learn how to test your Perl installation. ... that rather than compiling our programs, we use the Perl interpreter to run them.
Hello World CGI - About Perl
Perl Hello World CGI - First CGI program, learn how to create a simple CGI script in Perl.
Creating Your First Java Program: Introduction - About.com
Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to write, compile and run Java programs. ... The basic steps we will follow for our Hello World program are: Write the ...
PHP "Hello, World!" Basic Print Script - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Every language has it... the basic "Hello, World!" script. It is a simple script that only displays the words "Hello, World!". Over the years this has become the ...
"Hello, World!": A Quick Tutorial on Python - About Python
The purpose of this Hello World tutorial is to take a simple program and build upon it to illustrate the various elements of the Python language.
Start Programming C with raspberry Pi - C/C++/C - About.com
Jun 22, 2012 ... Hello World in C on the Raspberry Pi ... Initially, I'm starting off by compiling programs on the Raspi but given its relative slowness to any PC in ...
Hello World - JavaScript - About.com
This program is designed to output the text "Hello World" from the program and is ... show you how to write, compile, and execute programs using that language.
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