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Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Hashes are an integral part of Ruby. You will (probably) never see a non-trivial Ruby program that does not use Hashes extensively.
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
This article explains and teaches how to use a associative arrays (hashes) as a way to store multiple variables in one data structure.
Creating Hashes from Arrays - Ruby - About.com
How do you create hashes from tabular data? There are a few ways, but there's a way built into Ruby that fits onto a single line.
Beginning Perl Tutorial - Data Types: Hashes - About Perl
Perl beginners hash tutorial - Learn to use the hash, or associative array in Perl.
Everything You Wanted To Know About Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Hashes are the bread and butter of Ruby data structures. For any unordered structure, you'll find hashes used everywhere. If it's ordered, you'll see arrays used, ...
Serialized Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Serialized Hashes. Storing your hash in a text file has numerous advantages. First, it can be edited without touching your code. Second, it can be sent over the  ...
Cryptographic Hashes in Ruby - About.com
Generating cryptographic hashes in Ruby is quite easy. Ruby provides both a built in method and gives access to OpenSSL's hashing algorithms in most ...
Optional Method Parameters with Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Using hashes to simulate optional named parameters in methods.
Building Hashes From Arrays - Ruby - About.com
It's often useful to build hashes from an array. This can be done easily using the Hash[ … ] syntax. It'll take an unlimited number of arguments (as long as it's an ...
Hash Literals - Ruby - About.com
... can be both a fast way to retrieve an object based on a key, and a convenient key/value store. There's no doubt, hashes are one of the most used types in Ruby .
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