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Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals Samples and Examples
Sample and example policy manuals and employee handbooks will help you write your own policy manual or employee handbook. Look here for ideas.
Definition of Employee Handbook - Human Resources - About.com
What is an employee handbook? It provides guidance to employees about your company's desired ways for employees to act at work. Learn more.
Are Employee Handbooks Required by Law? - Human Resources
A reader asks whether employee handbooks are required by law. Probably not, but some rules, policies, and practices are, so why not put them in a handbook?
Policies, Procedures, Handbooks: Samples and Examples From ...
Use these examples to guide the development of your policies, handbooks and procedures. The sample policies, procedures and handbooks provided have not  ...
Employee Handbook Introduction Sample - Human Resources
Use this sample employee handbook introduction as the basis for your own. You can customize this handbook introductory letter for your company's needs.
Employee Handbook - Human Resources - About.com
What contents do you include in your employee handbook? These are the employee handbook contents recommended, but you are enouraged to add your  ...
Private School Handbooks - An Explanation of ... - Private Schools
The private school handbook covers the day to day rules, policies and procedures which you and your child must adhere to while part of the school community.
Sample Employee Handbook Acknowledgement of Receipt
Use this employee handbook and Standards of Conduct acknowledgement of receipt as the basis for your employee signoff for receipt of your employee ...
Essential Policies for Your Student Handbook - Teaching - About.com
Every school has a student handbook. I strongly believe that the handbook is a living, breathing tool that should be updated and changed every year.
About Employee Handbooks - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
All about employee handbooks and employer policy and procedure manuals, including a definition of an employee handbook, what to include in an employee  ...
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