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Using Haml with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
How to use Haml to create Sinatra views and layouts.
A Quick Haml Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
Tags are started in Haml using the percent sign (%). Any text that goes after this tag will go inside that tag. In addition, you can nest further tags and text inside ...
A Quick Haml Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
How to use Haml to create Sinatra views and layouts.
Installing Haml - Ruby - About.com
In addition to the Haml gem, this will also install the haml command-line program. You can use this to explore Haml and process Haml documents from the ...
The Complete Code - Ruby - About.com
usr/bin/env ruby require 'rubygems' require 'sinatra' require 'haml' require 'dm- core' DataMapper.setup( :default, "sqlite3://#{Dir.pwd}/rolodex.db" ) # Define the ...
Making Forms and Views - Ruby - About.com
If there are any results to display, they're displayed below the form. #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'rubygems' require 'sinatra' require 'haml' get '/' do haml :index
AJAX With Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
We'll then use the jQuery ajax method to do the actual AJAX request and update the #message div. So this is what our Haml (and Javascript) looks like thus far.
Generating Padrino Projects - Ruby - About.com
For example, you want Haml for HTML generation and Sass for CSS generation. I say should because if you don't provide these parameters to the generator ...
Creating Database-driven Apps with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
For example, the /contacts/ action, which displays a list of the contacts, simply renders a Haml view with all of the contacts. Each action attempts to be as simple  ...
Sinatra Web Applications in JRuby - About.com
Now that we have a solid foundation in dealing with the Win32 API, we can start building the frontend using Sinatra and Haml.
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