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Regular Expressions: Grouping - Ruby - About.com
The grouping operators, including the parentheses operator, are some of the most powerful and frequently used operators in the Ruby regex syntax.
Regular Expressions--5 Questions and Answers to Get Started With ...
Some of the most powerful and useful operators in the Ruby regex syntax are the grouping operators. While quantifiers only work on the previous element, the ...
Lookahead and Back-references - Ruby - About.com
To find the back-reference number of any grouping, count parentheses from left ... Note that other operators with parentheses--such as the lookahead operator (?
Regular Expressions: A Primer - About Python
as possible. Other forms of these operators try to match as many as possible. Ads . &ensp. &ensp ... Indicates a grouping for the regex. (ca[rtp]) matches car, cat, ...
How to Use Outlook.com Search Operators - About Email
Concoct precise searches in Outlook.com with search operators that let you ... and terms using "AND", "OR" and parentheses for precedence and grouping. Ads .
perlre - Linux Command - Unix Command
in ``Regexp Quote-Like Operators'' in perlop. ... newline) $ Match the end of the line (or before newline at the end) | Alternation () Grouping [] Character class.
Using Boolean Operators in Ruby - About.com
As with most programming languages, you'll need to use boolean operators. Boolean operators are quite simple. The and operator takes two operands and ...
Operator Precedence in C++ - C/C++/C - About.com
It has preset precedence levels for it's operators. for expressions its easiest to ... 1 :: Scope resolution operator 1 (expression) Grouping 2 () L-R Function call 2 ...
Regular Expression Syntax - Ruby - About.com
Regular expressions are composed of two types of things: elements and operators. Though there are many operators, operators known as quantifiers are the ...
ash - Linux Command - Unix Command
where redir-op is one of the redirection operators mentioned previously. .... Grouping commands together this way allows you to redirect their output as though ...
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