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Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
Global Variables are variables that may be accessed from anywhere in the program regardless of scope. They're denoted by beginning with a $ (dollar sign)  ...
Variables Declared in the Global Scope - Ruby - About.com
I declared a variable in the global scope, and now I can't access it. What's going on here?
Build In Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
Ruby defines a number of built in global variables you may find you need at one point.
Variable Scope (Delphi For Beginners) - About.com
Depending on where we declare a variable, the variable can be thought of as a true global variable accessible by any other code in the application, or a ...
Variable Scope - JavaScript - About.com
There is one situation where a global variable becomes temporarily inaccessible and that is if you define a local variable having the same name. Here's an ...
Everything You Need to Know About Variables - Ruby - About.com
There, you really only have global and local variables as well as values obtained via malloc (and pointed to with global or local pointer variables). The Ruby ...
JavaScript Functions - Returning a Value - About.com
While updating global variables is one way to pass information back to the code that called the function, this is not an ideal way of doing so. A much better ...
The Scope of Variables - JavaScript - About.com
In fact the biggest problem with JavaScript is that it doesn't insist on your defining variables before using them and will create a variable with global scope .the ...
Local Variables and Bindings - Ruby - About.com
If you were to prepend a symbol to any variable accesses such as the $ (dollar sign), Ruby would then go to the global variable binding to resolve that variable ...
Accessing Ruby Environment Variables - About.com
Environment variables are variables passed to programs by the command line or the graphical shell. Though there are a number of environment variables that ...
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