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Using Glob With Directories (Dir.glob) in Ruby - About.com
This is where Dir.glob and its cousins come in. By "globbing" a number of files, you can use regular expression-like pattern matching to select just the files you ...
Dealing With Large Directories - Ruby - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Working with Directories · Using Glob with Directories · The 'require' Method in Ruby-- Is the Require Method Overlooked in Ruby?
glob - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: glob. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
Globbing a Directory - About Perl
It's very simple to print a list of all files in a directory using the built-in Perl glob function. Let's look over a short script that globs and prints a list of all files, in the ...
console.perms - Linux Command - Unix Command
The words in a class definition are evaluated as globs if they refer to files, but as regular expressions if they apply to a console definition. Do not mix them.
glob - What is glob - Linux - About.com
Define glob - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.
find2perl - Linux Command - Unix Command
-name GLOB: File name matches specified GLOB wildcard pattern. GLOB may need to be quoted to avoid interpretation by the shell (just as with using find(1)).
perlintern - Linux Command - Unix Command
This code used to be inline, but now perl uses "File::Glob" this glob starter is only used by miniperl during the build process. Moving it away shrinks pp_hot.c; ...
How Many Countries Are in the World? - Geography
Discover the precise number of countries are in the world, from your About.com Guide to Geography.
Tick Removal with Liquid Soap? - Urban Legends
May 26, 2012 ... Viral text advocates using a glob of liquid soap on a cotton ball as 'the best way to remove a tick.'
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