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Spotlight on RubyGems: Builder - About.com
The Builder library allows you to generate HTML, XML or CSS markup without having to rely on a mixed text and a Ruby code library (such as eruby).
Creating HTML and XHTML Pages in Python - With and Without CGI ...
This tutorial discusses how to use Python and CGI to create HTML pages on the fly. It covers plain HTML pages as well as HTML forms. It assumes that you are ...
How to Create a Web Page With HTML
Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Web Page with HTML.
Working with CGI.pm In-Depth - Creating an HTML Document ...
Perl's CGI module, CGI.pm, is a quick and easy way to create CGI applications with embedded HTML. It saves you the hassle of editing and working with actual  ...
How to Create an EPUB File from HTML (and XML)
Learn the steps you can take to build an epub file out of HTML and XML files.
How to Create a Mailto Link - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Mailto links are links on web pages that instead of pointing to a web page URL or anchor, they point to an email address. Then when a reader clicks on the link, ...
How to Create XML for an RSS Feed - Web Design / HTML
An explanation of how to create XML for an RSS feed. A step-by-step XML tutorial explaining in detail the XML required for an RSS feed with sample code.
Building Your First Java Applet: Creating the HTML File - About.com
Create the HTML File. HTML File -. Microsoft product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation. It's worth noting that so far you have ...
Generate the Table of Contents - Web Design/HTML - About.com
If your HTML file does not include a table of contents, you will need Calibre to generate one for you. Click on the “Table of Contents” tab to make sure that the ...
Software and Tips to Create a Web Photo Gallery - Graphics Software
With the Web and a little bit of software, it's easier than ever to share your pictures with anyone online... even if you don't know HTML and you've never made a ...
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