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Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby - About.com
Myth: Ruby is unsuitable for game development. It's much too slow, there are no good libraries and it's too hard to deploy your games written in Ruby.
iPhone Game Development: What Developers Should be Aware Of
The iPhone is also one of the most interesting devices to develop game apps for. However, game app development for the iPhone is not exactly that simple.
5 Best Books on Mobile Game App Development - Mobile Devices
While there are several good books for game app development, here are 5 of the most popular, as also the most lucid, books on different aspects of game ...
Best Tools for Mobile Game App Development - Mobile Devices
Dec 17, 2013 ... Mobile game app development has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. The bevy of new mobile devices and OS' pose a ...
How to Develop iPad Apps - iOS Development - About iPad
The first step is to play around with the development tools. Apple's ... When the App Store debuted with the iPhone 3G, Apple's Xcode was the only game in town .
Mobile Game Programming and Development How-To's
Game development - Mobile game programming how-to's.
Getting Started Developing for iOS (Part 1) - Game Industry - About ...
Conversely, if you have done a lot of game development (particularly for consoles, or other devices which have very specific feature sets and capabilities), you ...
Delphi Game Development Scene - About.com
If we look at the Delphi history, it appears that every new version of Delphi has always been introduced using slogans like "easy database development" and ...
Game App Development for the Apple iPhone 5: An Analysis
The latest Apple iPhone 5 has received mixed reactions from app developers, especially game app developers. While many developers are excited about the ...
Game Development - Game Industry - About.com
How to develop games: hands-on, technical details of the game creation process.
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