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CSV Example: Format Strings and Printing the ASCII Table
Now that all the data has been parsed from the CSV and sorted, it's time to print out the ASCII table. Format strings are used to print the data while staying in the ...
Hash Tips and Tricks - Ruby - About.com
Format strings allow you to easily insert data into a string without resorting to string interpolation. Hashes can be "crammed" into format strings very easily, and  ...
String Substitution in Ruby - About.com
Splitting a string is only one way to manipulate string data. ... the string is converted to a number with to_f, then the number is formatted using a format string. #!
Formatting Strings, Numbers, and Other Objects - Visual Basic
You can look up the ICustomFormatter interface at Microsoft and get a very complete example that includes code designed to make it bulletproof in an complex ...
String Formatting Operations - Python - About.com
Python's string formatting operations are important to know for most any program that you write. Here is a comprehensive guide to them.
Formatted Strings in C# - C/C++/C - About.com
This page explains how to format strings in C#. ... formatting information. This is used in Console.WriteLine and also string.format hence its inclusion here.
format - Linux Command - Unix Command
This command generates a formatted string in the same way as the ANSI C sprintf procedure (it uses sprintf in its implementation). FormatString indicates how to ...
Java Syntax: Converting Strings to Numbers & Vice Versa - About.com
How to convert Strings to numbers and back again.
C# Programming Tutorial - About Strings and Chars - C/C++/C
This C# programming tutorial is about using strings and chars and the various ... Unix Command · CSV Example: Format Strings and Printing the ASCII Table ...
How to Play the String It Out Golf Game - About.com
"String It Out" is the name of a golf game that can be played as a tournament format or a betting game among a group of friends. String It Out is best played with ...
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