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Freshwater Aquariums: Diatomic Filters - Top Picks
When faced with stubborn particulate matter, or the dreaded scourge of green water, it's time to consider a diatomic filter. Here are the ones I recommend.
Aquarium Filter Media Order - What Order Do You Prefer?
Aquarium owners have different needs and different opinions about how to meet those needs. What order to you put your aquarium filter media in?
What Is A Biological Filter - Saltwater Aquariums - About.com
The biological filter in an aquarium is nothing more than a place for bacteria to grow. Any surface in an aquarium which comes in contact with the nitrosoma ...
Tips for Aquarium Filter Media Order - Freshwater Aquariums
Aquarium owners often are perplexed when it comes to filling their canister filter. This article helps makes sense of the recommended filter media order.
Before You Buy an Aquarium Filter
Biological and mechanical filtration is critical for maintaining a healthy environment in your aquarium. The aquarium, filter type, size, and media you select will ...
Fluidized Bed Filters - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
Fluidized bed filters are one of the best choices for planted aquariums. The filter will not drive off the valuable CO2, yet it is efficient and very low maintenance.
Selecting a Filter For Your Aqaurium - Freshwater Aquariums
What to look for when selecting a filter for your aquarium, from your About.com Guide.
DIY Filter Materials - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
Ever wondered if there is a cheaper alternative to purchased filter bags and other filter materials? The answer is yes, and here are the details.
Best Power Filters for Filterting Saltwater Aquariums
Power filters are among the most popular filters used in aquariums, today. Here's a list of top aquarium power filters recommended by your About Guides as ...
Aquarium Power Filters - Top Five Picks - Freshwater Aquariums
More power filters are sold than any other type of aquarium filter; they're easy to set up, reasonably priced and have a wealth of optional features.
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