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Access File Formats: ACCDB vs MDB - Databases - About.com
The release of Access 2007 brings a new file format. The MDB database files we' ve known for over a decade are now slated to become historical relics.
C Programming Tutorial - Random Access File Handling - C/C++/C
This lesson is about using random access files in C and the following lesson will look at working with text files. Apart from the simplest of applications, most ...
Personnel File Access Policy and Links to Samples
Need a personnel file access policy for employees? Here's a sample that you can use to set policy in your organization. See the sample policy.
File Modes - Reading and Writing Files in C - C/C++/C - About.com
This page explains about file modes in C programming and how the file modes are used for ... C Programming Tutorial - Random Access File Handling.
ACCDB File (What It Is & How To Open One) - PC Support - About.com
An ACCDB file is an Access 2007/2010 Database file. Learn how to open an . ACCDB file or convert an ACCDB file to another file format.
Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database - Databases
Importing a Spreadsheet into Access ... Creating a Report in Microsoft Access ... Maybe your address book looks something like the one shown in the file below.
MDB File (What It Is & How To Open One) - PC Support - About.com
An MDB file is a Microsoft Access Database file. Learn how to open an .MDB file or convert an MDB file to another file format.
Creating a New Workgroup Information File - Databases - About.com
Microsoft Access User-Level Security Tutorial ... In the wizard's first screen, you're asked whether you want to start a new security file or edit an existing one.
How To Create an Adobe PDF File From an Access Database
Step-by-step instructions on creating an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file from your Microsoft Access database.
Programming Random Access Files - C/C++/C - About.com
This example demonstrates storing and retrieving records using an index data file implemented using random access files.
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