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The Event Planning Guide at About.com
In-depth planning advice and resources for both experienced event planners and beginners.
A List of September 2014 Events in Nashville
Sep 1, 2014 ... A Nashville Events Calender for the month of September that lists some of the current events and activities taking place in and around Nashville ...
Event Planning Tips - The Event Planning Guide at About.com
This section provides a comprehensive look at how to plan business events, seminars, conferences, appreciation events, golf events, and more. It shares an ...
Events and Eras in American History
American History can be divided into several eras with key events. Learn about the details, events, and people of each era.
Definition for the Java Term: Event - About.com
The graphical component generating the event is known as an event source. The event source will then send out an event object - it will contain information ...
Events & Eras - Medieval History - About.com
The Medieval Era, depending on how you define it, spans events from as early as the fourth century up through the seventeenth. It is often broken into the Early, ...
Crafting Good Sponsorship Proposals for Fundraising Events
The most effective way to turn a mediocre fundraising event into an annual revenue generator is to secure sponsors to offset your largest expenses. Hosting an ...
Earth Day 2014 in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia
The Washington, DC metropolitan area has a variety of Earth Day activities that make caring for the planet fun for all ages. Find Earth Day events in Washington,  ...
February 2014 Calendar of Events in Nashville, TN
Feb 1, 2014 ... A Nashville Events Calender for the month of February that lists some of the current events and activities taking place in and around Nashville, ...
Events in Asian History - Wars, Natural Disasters, Art
The history of Asia is filled with crucial events and cultural advances. Battles decided the fate of nations, wars rewrote the continent's maps, protests rocked ...
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