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Special Characters & Escape Sequences - Ruby - About.com
Aside from the basic regular expression operators such as groupings and quantifiers, there are some other special characters and escape sequences ...
String Literals - Ruby - About.com
The basics of strings, string interpolation, single and double quotes, escape sequences and alternate string literal syntaxes.
7.3 Escape Sequences and Control Codes (intro) - Linux - About.com
There are two major type of such codes: escape sequences and control codes ( control characters). There are many times more escape sequences than control ...
Text-Terminals on Linux - 18.12 Displays Escape Sequences
What you see are escape sequences (or fragments of them) that were sent to your terminal in order to control it, but your terminal didn't recognize them and ...
console_codes - Linux Command - Unix Command
console_codes - Linux console escape and control sequences ... Rather than emitting console escape sequences by hand, you will almost always want to use a ...
Text-Terminals on Linux - 13.1 Send Escape Sequences to the ...
Once the communication interface is established, the rest of the configuration of the terminals may sometimes be done by sending escape sequences to the ...
Basic Linux Operations FAQ - About.com
3.4.3 Colour on text terminal. Colour on the text terminal can be produced using the "ANSI escape sequences". For example: echo -e "\033[44;37;5m ME ...
less - Linux Command - Unix Command
In the following descriptions, ^X means control-X. ESC stands for the ESCAPE key; for example ESC-v means the two character sequence "ESCAPE", then "v".
Java Syntax: The String Literal - About.com
Some of the escape sequences available don't actually print a character to the screen. There are times when you might want to have display some text split by a  ...
grotty - Linux Command - Unix Command
By default, grotty emits SGR escape sequences (from ISO 6429, also called ANSI color escapes) to change text attributes (bold, italic, colors). This makes it ...
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