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Accessing Ruby Environment Variables - About.com
Environment variables are variables passed to programs by the command line or the graphical shell. Though there are a number of environment variables that ...
Environment Variable Definition - PC Support - About.com
An environment variable is like an alias for information specific to your PC. Some Windows environment variables include %temp% and %windir%.
Environment variable - What is Environment variable
Definition: Environment variable: An instruction stored in the MS-DOS environment that controls, for example, how to display the DOS prompt, where to store any ...
ENV environment variable - Linux - About.com
Definition: $ENV environment variable: If this parameter is set when bash is executing a shell script, its value is interpreted as a filename containing commands ...
How to Navigate Using Environment Variables in Windows
Common Windows environment variables for navigating via the Start | Run dialog in Windows.
Getting the CGI Environment Variables | About.com
Testing CGI effectively involves knowing the environment variables. Here is how to get them with os.environ.
Introduction to Linux - Your text environment - About.com
We already mentioned a couple of environment variables, such as PATH and HOME . Until now, we only saw examples in which they serve a certain purpose to ...
Working with CGI.pm In-Depth | About.com - About Perl
CGI environment variables are special bits of information about the server and client that you can access via any web programming language. They contain ...
tclvars - Linux Command - Unix Command
Under Windows, the environment variables PATH and COMSPEC in any capitalization are converted automatically to upper case. For instance, the PATH  ...
$HISTCONTROL environment variable - What is ... - Linux - About.com
Define $HISTCONTROL environment variable - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.
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