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Encryption - 40-bit vs 128-bit Encryption - What is the Difference?
Two common encryption techniques are '40-bit' and '128-bit.' Discover what these encryption techniques really mean to you.
Encryption - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
Definition: Encryption is a process which is applied to text messages or other important data, and alters it to make it humanly unreadable except by someone ...
What is Encryption? - C/C++/C - About.com
Learn about encryption and how messages are disguised.
How Public Key Encryption Works - About Email
Without encryption, data sent via email are far from being private. Find out how public key encryption can make email more secure.
Protect Your Data Using Encryption - Security - About.com
Articles and information about encryption and various forms of cryptography including coverage of public key infrastructure (PKI) and steganography.
Encryption 101 - Security - About.com
A hands-on approach to learning about encryption for those of us who aren't good at math.
Encryption in PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
In PHP we can use the crypt () function to create one way encryption. This means that the data is encrypted but cannot easily be decrypted. Although at first ...
Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) Definition - About Email
Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) is an ingeniously simple way to make encryption for email both ubiquitous and easy by allowing the email address itself to act as ...
Understanding Microsoft Access 2013 Encryption - Databases
This article provides additional technical details for individuals seeking to understand the encryption options offered within Microsoft Access 2013.
Enable WEP/WPA Encryption To Protect Your Wireless Network
... to your wireless router or access point, but what if someone else intercepts those airwaves as well? You can protect your wireless data by enabling encryption.
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