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Cloud Computing and Ruby - About.com
Ruby's reflection and macro programming capabilities are very advanced, allowing implementation of domain specific languages that allow programming to be ...
Filtering and Groups - Ruby - About.com
... block is executed to provide a type of configuration Domain Specific Language. ... are interested in, you will need to write a more specific filter for that directory.
Spotlight on Gems: Trollop - Ruby - About.com
Within the block you pass to the Trollop::options method, you define options using a small domain-specific language. Each option is defined using the opt ...
Bing Search Engine Shortcuts and Advanced Keywords - Web Search
language: Returns webpages for a specific language. Specify the language ... Site/domain: Limits your search to a specific root domain, such as .edu, .gov, .org.
How to Have MailMate Perform Custom Checks Before Message ...
... need to make sure all emails to recipients at a certain domain contain specific language in the signature or are sent as Bcc copies to a particular address; ...
Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen - About.com
All spoken languages have idioms, or ways or saying things that don't have a literal ... The final section covers Domain-Specific Languages, packaging you code ...
Advanced Ruby - About.com
Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images · 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language ... A short guide on writing Domain Specific Languages in Ruby.
Language Variety - Definition and Examples
In sociolinguistics, language variety is a general term for any distinctive form ... "In recent years, variety has proved to be a fairly safe term, allowing language scholars to avoid being too specific about kinds of speech ... JPEG - Public ...
Domain Name Extension - Ecommerce - About.com
Country-specific domain names can have special restrictions. ... A major application of country-specific domain name extensions is in creating regional language ...
What Is a 'Domain Name'? - Internet for Beginners - About.com
It is like family surnames to the right, specific person names to the left. These ... the specific page address, folder name , machine name, and protocol language.
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