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An Introduction to Distributed Ruby - About.com
With Distributed Ruby, or DRb, you'll never have, as Paul Newman so aptly put it in Cool Hand Luke, "a failure to communicate." That's because connecting ...
Distributed Programming in Ruby by Mark Bates - About.com
Distributed Programming with Ruby by Mark Bates is a broad look at all options available for distributed programming with Ruby. Though the book covers many ...
Distributed IRC Bot - Ruby - About.com
The following is a series of articles written exploring the new (to be) paradigm of evented programming (mostly using EventMachine) and distributed applications  ...
NoSQL and Document Oriented Databases - Ruby - About.com
These types of databases operate on something similar to distributed hash tables (DHTs). DHTs store a key/value pair in hash buckets. These buckets hold a ...
Advanced Ruby - About.com
These pages deal with some of the more advanced concepts of Ruby and are geared toward intermediate and advanced programmers. The covered concepts  ...
Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby - About.com
Myth: Ruby is unsuitable for game development. It's much too ... C++ is harder to work with, but it's both faster and it will be easier to distribute your final game.
rubybook - What is rubybook - Linux - About.com
Definition: rubybook: the "Programming Ruby" book This book is a tutorial nd ... The End of Monkey Patching · Distributed Programming with Ruby by Mark Bates  ...
Ruby Princess Library - Cruises - About.com
Photo of the Ruby Princess Library. ... to Write Log Messages in Ruby · How to Send Email with Ruby · Distributed Programming with Ruby by Mark Bates ...
Using Git With Ruby on Rails - About.com
Plus, you can share your code on the very popular Github site (among others). Git is a distributed version control system. This means there's no central server, ...
Java: Passing objects in client server architecture, client ... - AllExperts
Feb 7, 2004 ... Arrays · An Introduction to Distributed Ruby · Glossary of Visual Basic Terms · An Introduction to COM Programming with Delphi (4 / 6) - page 1/ ...
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