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Working with Directories - Ruby - About.com
Learning how to work with files is one of the first things new Ruby programmers learn. However, how to work with directories of files is something that's often ...
Using Glob With Directories (Dir.glob) in Ruby - About.com
In the previous article in this series, we discussed the basics of the Dir class. Particularly useful was the Dir.foreach method for iterating over all files in a directory ...
Work-At-Home Jobs Company Directory - Work-at-Home Moms
It's not easy to find real work from home jobs. When hunting for a work from home job, start by finding a company in your field using this alphabetical directory of ...
What is a Web Directory? - Web Search - About.com
Learn how web directories and search engines are different, and how these ... Although the terms search engine and subject directory are sometimes used ...
Work at Home Jobs - Free Directory of Companies
Browse this free work at home jobs directory of companies. Note: These companies are known to hire for work at home jobs, but that is no guarantee that they ...
Directory of Companies With Jobs Online - Work-at-Home Moms
When hunting for jobs online, start by finding a company in your field using this alphabetical directory of companies with work at home jobs. More and more ...
Work-at-Home Jobs Company Directory - Work-at-Home Moms
To find your perfect work-at-home job, browse this free directory of more than 200 companies that hire employees and independent contractors to telecommute.
City Directories - Clues to Family History in City Directories Online
City directories can be used to not only place an ancestor in a particular time and place, but also to follow their occupations and residences, and even identify ...
Work From Home Jobs - Directory of Companies
When hunting for work at home jobs, start by finding a company in your field using this alphabetical directory of companies with at-home jobs. Companies--in  ...
European History: The Directory - Description
The Directory was the governing body of France from 1795 – 99, until abolished in a military coup. There was also a Directory in Russia in 1918.
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