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Can Git Add Empty Directories? - Ruby - About.com
There is currently no mechanism to store empty directories. When Git repositories are cloned, the directories are created on the fly as they are needed by files ...
Working with Directories - Ruby - About.com
Learning how to work with files is one of the first things new Ruby programmers learn. However, how to work with directories of files is something that's often ...
Using Glob With Directories (Dir.glob) in Ruby - About.com
In the previous article in this series, we discussed the basics of the Dir class. Particularly useful was the Dir.foreach method for iterating over all files in a directory ...
City Directories for Genealogy - About.com
A large number of city directories are increasingly becoming available for searching and viewing online, some for free and others as part of various subscription ...
What is a Web Directory? - Web Search - About.com
... or Web directory? Learn how web directories and search engines are different, and how these unique collections can make your searches more meaningful.
Email Address Directories and White Pages - About Email
There is no phone book for email addresses, but there are a number of directories that let you search for -- and find -- all the email addresses you need.
Introduction to Linux - 3.3.2. Creating and deleting files and directories
to give certain files specific default locations by creating directories and subdirectories (or folders and sub-folders if you wish). This is done with the mkdir  ...
Ubuntu Desktop Guide - Directories and File Systems
Underneath the root (/) directory, there is a set of important system directories that are common across most Linux distributions that are used. The following is a ...
Copying Directories with "rsync" - Linux - About.com
Aug 31, 2010 ... One of the useful features of rsync is that when you use it copy directories, you can exclude files in a systematic way. The basic syntax is just ...
City Directories and Householder Directories - About Genealogy
One of the most valuable sources for locating people, city directories provide important information such as full name, address, name of spouse, employment ...
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