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Dialog Box Definition - Excel Spreadsheets Glossary of Terms
Definition of the term "dialog box" as it is used in spreadsheet programs such as Excel.
Java GUI - What Is a Dialog Box? - About.com
Find out what a dialog box is and how they can be an effective way to get the user's attention.
Example Java Code: Simple Message Dialog Boxes Program
Here is example code showing simple message dialog boxes created using the showMessageDialog , showOptionDialog and showConfirmDialog methods of ...
Example Java Code: Input Dialog Box Program - About.com
Here is example code showing a few ways of how to use the showInputDialog method of the JOptionPane class to make input dialog boxes. The program shows ...
Using Dialog Boxes - Java - About.com
Dialog boxes provide an instant interaction with a user. They can provide information or take in data. In this section, the various options for building dialog boxes ...
Java Syntax: Building an Input Dialog Box - About.com
Find out how to use the showInputDialog method of the JOptionPane class to make different kinds of input dialog boxes.
Java Syntax: Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I - About.com
Learn how to use the JOptionPane class to make a simple message dialog box.
Java Syntax: Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part II - About.com
In Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I the showMessageDialog method of the JOptionPane class was used to make simple message dialog boxes.
Definition for the Java term: Dialog Box - About.com
A dialog box is a window (typically just small enough to hold a message or question) that appears in front of an application's main window. This window can be ...
Modal Dialog Box - JavaScript - About.com
One limitation of Javascript is that it only provides three dialog boxes that you can link to from within JavaScript and they are intended more for debugging your ...
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