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Dialog Box Definition - Excel Spreadsheets Glossary of Terms
Definition of the term "dialog box" as it is used in spreadsheet programs such as Excel.
Java GUI - What Is a Dialog Box? - About.com
Find out what a dialog box is and how they can be an effective way to get the user's attention.
Example Java Code: Input Dialog Box Program - About.com
Here is example code showing a few ways of how to use the showInputDialog method of the JOptionPane class to make input dialog boxes. The program shows ...
Example Java Code: Simple Message Dialog Boxes Program
Here is example code showing simple message dialog boxes created using the showMessageDialog , showOptionDialog and showConfirmDialog methods of ...
Using Dialog Boxes - Java - About.com
Dialog boxes provide an instant interaction with a user. They can provide information or take in data. In this section, the various options for building dialog boxes ...
Java Syntax: Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I - About.com
Learn how to use the JOptionPane class to make a simple message dialog box.
Java Syntax: Building an Input Dialog Box - About.com
Find out how to use the showInputDialog method of the JOptionPane class to make different kinds of input dialog boxes.
Definition for the Java term: Dialog Box - About.com
A dialog box is a window (typically just small enough to hold a message or question) that appears in front of an application's main window. This window can be ...
Java Syntax: How to Make a Modeless Dialog Box - About.com
By default any dialog box made using the JOptionPane class is modal. It makes sense for the majority of dialog boxes that you might want to create. After all ...
Modal Dialog Box - JavaScript - About.com
One limitation of Javascript is that it only provides three dialog boxes that you can link to from within JavaScript and they are intended more for debugging your ...
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