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Using Git With Ruby on Rails - About.com
Git is the most popular version control system for use with Ruby on Rails. ... Rails that tells Git to ignore a few files, such as the log directory and the databases.
What Is the Ruby on Rails Web Framework? - About.com
Learn about the concepts of Ruby on Rails, a Model-View-Controller framework for creating database-driven websites in Ruby.
NoSQL and Document Oriented Databases - Ruby - About.com
Chances are, you've spent your entire database life with relational databases. Data gets organized into columns, and stored in rows. You manipulate data with  ...
An Introduction to Rails: a Quick Blog Part 2 - Ruby - About.com
SQL databases in particular we meant to be meticulously planned ahead of time. To get around this, Rails helps you manage your database tables with ...
Connection Pooling - Ruby - About.com
This is related to the thread safety feature. Rails can now manage a pool of thread-safe database connections to certain databases (MySQL included). Threads ...
Using Migrations - Ruby - About.com
Using migrations to manage your Ruby on Rails application databases.
Rails for Zombies - Ruby - About.com
Rails for Zombies is instant satisfaction. There's no need to set up projects, create databases, models, insert test data, etc. It's all there for you, you've given clear ...
What is ActiveRecord? - Ruby - About.com
It is a core part of Ruby on Rails and is responsible for handling all database interaction from the application level. ActiveRecord maps a database row to an ...
Ruby on Rails - About.com
Tutorials and informative articles introducing the fundamental concepts and programming possibilities of the web framework Ruby on Rails.
Spotlight on Gems: Geoip - Ruby - About.com
With the release of the GeoIP RubyGem, there's now an easy interface for searching GeoIP databases in Ruby. The information in the databases can be used to ...
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