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What Is the Ruby on Rails Web Framework? - About.com
Learn about the concepts of Ruby on Rails, a Model-View-Controller framework for creating database-driven websites in Ruby.
Using Git With Ruby on Rails - About.com
Git is the most popular version control system for use with Ruby on Rails. ... Rails that tells Git to ignore a few files, such as the log directory and the databases.
An Introduction to Rails: a Quick Blog Part 2 - Ruby - About.com
SQL databases in particular we meant to be meticulously planned ahead of time. To get around this, Rails helps you manage your database tables with ...
Ruby on Rails - Linux - About.com
Rails was designed to streamline the tasks typically involved in programming for the web, that is, dynamically generating web pages, accessing databases, and ...
NoSQL and Document Oriented Databases - Ruby - About.com
Chances are, you've spent your entire database life with relational databases. Data gets organized into columns, and stored in rows. You manipulate data with  ...
Connection Pooling - Ruby - About.com
This is related to the thread safety feature. Rails can now manage a pool of thread-safe database connections to certain databases (MySQL included). Threads ...
Quick and Rough Rails 4 Blog Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
What do you do when a new version of Rails comes out? ... column with a maximum length (which varies depending on your database), while text is an unlimited ...
Reddit Clone in Rails Part 2: Posts - Ruby - About.com
In the first part of the tutorial we set up the Rails project, explored Git a bit and .... Rails auto-generates a whole host of methods to query the database for ...
Generating a Rails Project - Ruby - About.com
As of Rails 2.0, the default database driver is sqlite3. If you have sqlite3 installed and configured, no database configuration is required. For a development ...
Rails for Zombies - Ruby - About.com
Rails for Zombies is instant satisfaction. There's no need to set up projects, create databases, models, insert test data, etc. It's all there for you, you've given clear ...
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