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Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Hashes are the swiss army knife of Ruby data structures. You will see hashes absolutely everywhere, even to emulate missing language features. It could even  ...
Hash Tips and Tricks - Ruby - About.com
Hashes aren't just data structures, they have a few tricks up their sleeves. And while you may never end up using any of these tricks, they really show off how ...
Worked Example: Tabular Data - Ruby - About.com
Ruby provides simple data structures for 1 dimensional arrays, as well as for dictionary tables (hashes). However, tabular data is normally represented as a 2  ...
Review: The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms & Data Structures
The Tomes of Delphi: Algorithms & Data Structures is aimed at intemediate to advanced level Delphi developers. The book and code is applicable to all versions ...
Perl Absolute Beginners Guide - Lesson Two - About Perl
All three of Perl's data types, or structures, are built on the first - the scalar. A scalar is a single unit of data. That data might be a number, a letter, a paragraph,  ...
C++ Advanced Data Structures - B+ Tree. - C/C++/C - About.com
Jun 14, 2008 ... One of the things I've always liked about programming is advanced data structures. Just think of the problems that face Google and other ...
Programming Contest 9 - Manage a Data Structure - C/C++/C
Entrants could use whatever data structures they wished, except that only their own code and not make use of any provided containers, 3rd party libraries etc.
List of Hash libraries for C Programmers - C/C++/C - About.com
The library is generic and it does not define its own data structures. Rather it acts on existing user defined data structures via a generic interface. It also does not ...
Free E-Books for C++ Programming - C/C++/C - About.com
C++ AMP (Accelerated Massive Parallelism) is a native-programming model that provides an easy way to write programs that execute on data-parallel hardware ...
Beginning Python: Data Types - About Python
These containers are technically called data structures because they allow the data to be structured in different ways. Just like you would probably be disinclined ...
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