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A Quick Look: CouchDB - Ruby - About.com
CouchDB is a NoSQL database being offered by the Apache Software Foundation. It's among the most popular implementations of these types of databases.
NoSQL and Document Oriented Databases - Ruby - About.com
Document-oriented databases (such as CouchDB and MongoDB) are designed for horizontal scalability. This means as your database grows, you can simply ...
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Did you find a BSH file on your computer and wonder what program should open it? Maybe someone emailed you a BSH file but you're not sure how to use it.
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A list of system error codes from Code 500 through Code 599.
About Genealogy - How Do I Find the Names of an Ancestor's Parents
A step by step guide to finding the names of your ancestors' parents.
List of Data Scientist Skills - Job Searching - About.com
... Conveying Technical Information to Non-Technical People; CouchDB; Creating Algorithims; Creating Controls to Assure Accuracy of Data; Critical Thinking ...
Example Java Code: File Dialog Box Program - About.com
Example Java program code to show how the JFileChooser class is used to present an open file dialog box and save file dialog box to a user.
NoSQL Databases Overview - New Tech - About.com
CouchDB: CouchDB along with MongoDB are open source document oriented NoSQL databases. Neo4J: Neo4j is an open source graph database.

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